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While vitamin B12 injections may be beneficial for you and your health, the used needles may be hazardous to others. Used needles or syringes can be harmful if they are not stored properly, and the improper disposal of needles and sharp objects that are contaminated can lead to an increased risk of spreading blood-borne diseases. Proper disposal of sharp objects like needles helps prevent yourself and others from injuries such as needle sticks, cuts, or punctures. 

There are some important things to know in order to properly dispose of vitamin B12 needles. Continue reading to learn best practices and tips to safely dispose of your vitamin B12 needles.  


Safe Disposal of Vitamin B12 Needles

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends a two-step process for disposing of used vitamin B12 needles. The first step is to place all needles in a sharps disposal container immediately after use. You can contact your manufacturer or a health department if they provide free sharps containers. If unavailable, you can purchase one at your pharmacy. 

Then, dispose of your sharps disposal containers properly, according to community guidelines. These guidelines and programs will vary depending on where you live. You can contact the health department in your city to know what the available methods are available for you. 

Where to Dispose of Vitamin B12 Needles

There are drop-off locations available that are intended only for used needles and hazardous wastes. Specific collection sites in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, or doctors’ offices may accommodate you if they allow drop-offs of sharps disposal containers. These are supervised collection sites that may have a nominal fee for their services. You can call beforehand at these locations to find out more details.   

Household hazardous waste collection sites are also an option. These places commonly accept dangerous materials such as certain chemicals, household cleaners, paints, and motor oil. You may look up if there are drop-off sites in your area that accept sharps disposal containers.      

Mail-back programs to a collection site may be an option for particular FDA-cleared sharps disposal containers. You can purchase these containers from manufacturers. Fees will vary, depending on the size of the container. Additionally, mail-back programs will have specific requirements in labeling your sharps disposal container before sending them.  

For specific communities, residential special waste pick-up services may be available. Trained special handlers will personally collect your sharps disposal container from your home. This service usually comes with a fee. There are also special requirements for the type of containers they collect. Depending on the available programs, you may have to call and request pick-ups or have regular pick-up schedules.

Your local health department or trash removal services may provide you information about the services available in your area.    


What Type of Container Can I Use to Dispose of Needles?

The FDA advises using a sharps disposal container. This will ensure that your used needles are labeled and contained correctly and not confused for other objects. 

A sharp disposal container can be purchased or provided by manufacturers or health departments. However, if you do not have a sharps disposal container and need to dispose of your used needles right away, you can use an empty container. Make sure to label your container or put a warning on it. It is crucial that you do not mistake your temporary container for regular trash and place it near other product containers to avoid confusion. 

Eventually, we recommend that you obtain a proper sharps biohazard container or sharps disposal container. This is because your needles should be placed in a thick container with no holes and a tight lid that will not be punctured and prevent needles from sticking out. 

Remember to keep your container out of reach of children and animals. Do not overfill your container. Once it is three-quarters full, dispose of your containers according to community guidelines. Lastly, do not reuse sharps disposal containers.   

Have More Questions?

If you have further questions about how to dispose of your vitamin B12 needles, you can contact the team at Medical Weight Loss Centers of America. Specialists are there to guide you on how to safely administer your vitamin B12 injections.