If you’re familiar with all the health benefits of vitamin B12, you might start to ask yourself which vitamin B12 supplement is the best. While this might seem like a straightforward question, it can actually be a bit more nuanced. 

Vitamin B12 supplementation depends on several factors. You need to first ask yourself, what is your reason for taking the vitamin? How old are you and what is your body type? Are you a full vegetarian? Do you have existing medical conditions? The questions could go on and on. Read on to learn more about how to decide which vitamin B12 supplement is best for you. 

Know Your Current Health Status

The very first step in determining which vitamin B12 supplement is best for you is understanding your own body. Everyone has a unique requirement when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Vitamin requirements are typically based on age, gender, diet, and physical activity. 

Generally, the recommended dosage of vitamin B12 for adults is 2.4 mcg. Pregnant and breastfeeding women may need more vitamin B12 to lower the risk of neural tube defects and developmental problems in the baby. As a person ages, more vitamin B12 may be recommended to lower the risk of dementia, cognitive decline, and other diseases associated with aging or vitamin B12 deficiency

On the other hand, those who are vegetarian or vegan may want to strongly consider taking vitamin B12 supplements. Since animal products are the usual natural sources of the nutrient, more vegetarians and vegans suffer from vitamin deficiency because of their restricted diet and limited intake of meat and animal products. 

Lastly, your level of physical activity may also dictate which vitamin B12 supplement is the best. Athletes and those with strenuous daily workloads may need a boost in energy for support throughout the day. Thus, they cannot afford to be deficient in this energy-boosting vitamin. 

Types of Vitamin B12 Supplements

In order to know which vitamin B12 may be right for you, you should also understand the different forms of vitamin B12, such as methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin. While methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin contain vitamin B12 as their main ingredient, they differ in form. In regards to chemical structure, one has a methyl group while the other contains a cyanide molecule.

Methylcobalamin is the naturally occurring form of vitamin B12 while the cyanocobalamin is the synthetic form that is often found in most supplements. While the cyanocobalamin is more stable when stored, the methylcobalamin is more readily absorbed in the body and may stay in the body for longer hours. This means that you do not need to take it too often. 

So, when it comes to which vitamin B12 is best — cyanocobalamin or methylcobalamin — you should ultimately check with your healthcare provider to help determine which one is more appropriate for your specific circumstances. 

Formulations of Vitamin B12

Similar to many other dietary supplements, vitamin B12 comes in many formulations. Vitamin B12 comes in oral forms like tablets, capsules, and pills. But, since it needs to pass through the digestive tract, the effect may not be immediate. There is also a high possibility that not all of it can be absorbed by the body. The digestive system and enzymes may break down some of the ingredients.

Lastly, oral supplements often contain refined sugar or food coloring to make the supplement more palatable and presentable. For individuals with allergies to these ingredients, other formulations should be considered when looking for which vitamin B12 is best. 

For better absorption, sublingual and injection forms of vitamin B12 are available. Sublingual tablets melt under the tongue and immediately enter the bloodstream. Vitamin B12 injections also provide the vitamin straight to the bloodstream. However, injectable vitamin B12, or B12 shots, may not be for everyone. It is also important that a skilled healthcare professional instructs you on how to administer the injection

So, which vitamin B12 should you take based on the formulation? The answer is, it depends on your preference and budget. If you can spend more and you can tolerate injections or sublingual administration, it is better and more effective to go with these types of vitamin B12. 

Uses of B12 Vitamin Supplements

The next factor to consider when choosing a vitamin B12 supplement is the purpose for taking it. Different people take the supplement for various reasons. The vitamin B12 injections, or the B12 shots, are often recommended in effective weight-loss programs. These programs utilize vitamin B12 injections in order to provide the maximum dosage and metabolic kickstart for active individuals. 

For those taking vitamin B12 supplements to boost their energy and mental performance, they may do well with oral forms of vitamin B12. 

Where to Get Vitamin B12 Supplements? 

Another important factor to consider when deciding which vitamin B12 supplement is best is the source of the product. Buy your supplements from legitimate and trusted sellers. Because of their popularity, vitamin B12 supplements are often sold by online scammers or illegitimate companies selling fake products. Therefore, you should always check the credibility of your seller before placing your order

The experts and healthcare providers at Medical Weight Loss Centers of America work with you to determine which vitamin B12 supplement is best for you. The providers at MWLCOA work closely with you on your weight-loss journey to help you get rid of any stubborn fat and stay active. Treatment regimens are tailored to your daily lifestyle, your health condition, and other personalized factors. If vitamin B12 is recommended, you can order vitamin B12 injections online that can be delivered directly to your door. Of course, you will receive guidance from your healthcare provider on proper administration and directions.  


Vitamin B12 supplements are a mainstay in health and wellness programs. To find out which vitamin B12 to take, your safest bet is to see a healthcare provider. A professional can guide you in your decision and help you achieve the results you want. Contact the experts at Medical Weight Loss Centers of America today for an initial consultation.