B12 Injection Locations

B12 injections can be very helpful in losing weight, and can be very effective if done regularly at least one a week.  Because these are injections, there can be some tricks into finding a safe and easy way to get them in to your body.

The safest way of getting a B12 injection done is for another person to give it.  A doctor or nurse is ideal, though someone who has experience with them is also a good choice.  If there isn’t a professional at the ready to give the injections, it’s rather simple to administer them yourself.

Finding the Proper Location

Knowing where to do the injection is the first step. Below is a short list, but for more in depth information view our injection locations.  There are three good options for injection locations:

  • Upper Arm Muscle – Deltoid
  • Buttocks Muscle – Dorsogluteal
  • Thigh Muscle – Vastus Lateralis

When done by another person, it is usually done in the upper arm, though the buttocks is another good spot.

If injecting yourself, the safest spot is along the outer thigh, on the muscle known as the Vastus Lateralis.  This area is generally one of the most muscular areas of the body, which makes it the ideal candidate for B12 injections.

Preparing for the Injection

After finding the proper spot, it’s just a few simple steps to get yourself ready.

  1. Rub down the injection site with an alcohol wipe
  2. Pinch the skin about an inch to two inches from where you want to place the needle
  3. Line the needle up as closely as you can to a 90 degree angle
  4. Insert

It is recommended that you put the injections into relaxed muscles.  If self injecting into the thigh, this can be accomplished by keeping your weight on the leg that you are not injecting into.  When inserting the needle, it doesn’t matter how quickly you do it, though it may be less painful if you do it quickly.

Administering the Injection

Once that needle is inserted, the hard part is already over.  There’s just a few more things to keep in mind while finishing up.

  1. Release the skin that was being pinched
  2. Pull the syringe back to make sure no blood enters into the injection.
  3. If there’s no blood, go ahead and push down the plunger until the entire injection is inserted
  4. Remove the needle
  5. Rub down the injection site again, but with a new alcohol wipe

After that, you’re all done.  It’s simple, but some people are still turned off by having to use needles for injections.  The good news is that it’s not something you have to do yourself.  If you’re the type of person who can’t stand the thought of them, you’ll be better off having someone else do the injection for you.  It is important to get them somehow, though, because B12 injections are definitely the best way to boost your vitamin levels and deal with deficiencies.


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