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GLP-1 Diet Protocol


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  • Experience unparalleled fat loss potential and metabolic health improvements
  • Say goodbye to stubborn fat and frustrating weight loss cycles
  • Embrace a transformative approach to optimal health and vitality

Introducing the GLP Diet Protocol: Your Path to Transformative Weight Loss and Metabolic Health

Are you tired of battling stubborn fat without success? Are you trapped in a cycle of weight loss and regain, struggling to manage your diabetes, or seeking expert dietary guidance? The GLP (Gut-Liver-Pancreas) Diet Protocol offers a groundbreaking solution tailored to your needs, ready to revolutionize your journey towards optimal health and vitality.


Addresses Stubborn Fat and Weight Regain

  • Tackles issues by prioritizing specific starches, fibers, and sugars
  • Includes uniquely targeted meals
  • Bolsters immunity and improves fat cell health
  • Diversifies your gut biome
  • Provides a wide variety of micro and phytonutrients
  • Regulates hunger hormones and repairs metabolism
  • Prepares your body for a metabolically optimized environment for Phase 2
  • Average: 1-3 lbs fat loss per week


Manages Diabetes and Enhances Insulin Function

  • Emphasizes higher fat, protein, and vegetable intake alongside intermittent fasting
  • Targets fat cells and improves insulin function
  • Recycles old and malfunctioning cells
  • Accelerates fat loss while optimizing metabolic health
  • Potential to reduce or even eliminate reliance on medication
  • Average: 2-5 lbs fat loss per week

Why Choose The GLP-1 Diet Protocol

Synergistic Action with Ozempic

Enhances the effects of Ozempic on blood glucose and insulin management Unlocks unparalleled fat loss potential Comprehensive approach addressing Ozempic side effects for a smoother, more effective treatment experience

Mechanisms of Fat Loss and Insulin Function

Prioritizes specific starches, fibers, and sugars, along with larger breakfasts Bolsters immunity and improves fat cell health Diversifies your gut biome Provides a wide variety of micro and phytonutrients Regulates hunger hormones and repairs metabolism Emphasizes higher fat, protein, and vegetable intake alongside intermittent fasting Recycles old and malfunctioning cells, enhancing the aging process

Minimal Side Effects, Maximum Benefits

Experience minimal side effects and maximum benefits Enhanced fat loss and stabilized A1C levels Enduring improvements in metabolic health

Ultimate Goal

Empower you to replace medication with the diet Optimize metabolic health and improve insulin function Aim to reduce or even eliminate reliance on medication over time

Dedicated Module for Managing Side Effects

Provides tailored strategies and support to address any challenges Ensures a smooth and successful experience Led by a team of medical specialists

Expert Support

Team of distinguished medical and coaching specialists by your side Offers personalized guidance and unwavering support Ensures success by fine-tuning your nutrition plan and addressing unique challenges

What to Expect from the GLP Diet Protocol

Experience medical-grade effectiveness Take control of your health with confidence and clarity

Education Center

Understand your body's internal clock Improve sleep quality and balance hormones Make informed choices about food quality and movement

Supplement Center

Explore supplements that boost metabolism, speed up fat loss, and reduce chronic inflammation Work hand in hand with the GLP Diet and Ozempic

Ozempic Education

Learn how Ozempic works Understand its broader health benefits beyond managing blood sugar and weight loss

Safe Sourcing

Find trusted sources for Ozempic Learn how to avoid counterfeit products when purchasing online

Enroll in the Medical-Grade GLP Diet Protocol

Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional diets and embrace a transformative approach with the GLP Diet Protocol. Experience sustainable weight loss, improved metabolic health, and a brighter, healthier future.

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GLP-1 Diet Protocol Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GLP-1 Diet Protocol?

The GLP-1 (Gut-Liver-Pancreas) Diet Protocol is a groundbreaking dietary program that works synergistically with GLP-1 medications like Ozempic to optimize weight loss, glucose/insulin management, and overall metabolic health.

What are the different phases of the program?

There are two main phases – the Standard Health Plan and the Fat Loss Plan. The Health Plan focuses on gut health, repairing metabolism, and preparing your body. The Fat Loss Plan then accelerates fat burning through intermittent fasting, macro balance, and improved insulin sensitivity.

How does the program address potential medication side effects?

The GLP-1 Diet Protocol includes a dedicated module focused on managing any side effects you may experience from GLP-1 medications. Our medical team provides tailored strategies for a smoother treatment experience.

What kind of support is included?

You’ll have access to our team of medical and coaching experts who will offer personalized guidance, fine-tune your plan, and ensure your success every step of the way.

What additional resources are provided?

The program gives you access to an Education Center covering topics like circadian rhythms, sleep, hormones, and movement. 

How much does the GLP-1 Diet Protocol cost?

The GLP-1 Diet Protocol is an annual program with a fee of $797 per year.

Is this a one-time payment or a recurring subscription?

This is an annual subscription, so the $797 fee will renew every 12 months to maintain access.

How is the program delivered?

The GLP-1 Diet Protocol is hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS) platform. It is a self-guided program where you simply follow the modules at your own pace.

Will the program content be updated?

Yes, the program content will be automatically updated by our clinical team on an ongoing basis to ensure you have access to the latest, most effective information and strategies.

Who created this program?

The GLP-1 Diet Protocol was created by a 3rd party company, with whom Medical Weight Loss Centers of America has an exclusive agreement. This program is not available anywhere else.

What if I find this program being sold elsewhere?

The GLP-1 Diet Protocol is proprietary to Medical Weight Loss Centers of America. If you find it being sold by other providers, please report them immediately to orders@mwlcoa.com.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

All sales are final.

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