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Vitamins and Nutrients

Medical Weight Loss Centers of America is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, most cutting edge vitamin injections on the market today. We have partnered with one of the top compounding pharmacies in the nation to bring you the best possible products available.

We are a premier site for weight loss and immune system support therapy, including our proprietary Vitamin B12, Lipo-B, and Lipo-C our marquee product, is from the original creator of LipoLean, a widely used and revolutionary lipotropic injection in the medical weight loss field.

Our current injections are just the beginning, Medical Weight Loss Centers of America will be bringing you all new proprietary injections very soon.

Our Vitamin Injections

Our products are specially formulated by physicians and pharmacists with decades of experience in the weight loss and supplement industries. We conduct intensive research and extensive investigation into every ingredient we add to our products, utilizing documented medical studies to help determine which ingredients will be most beneficial to our customers.

Every vial of Vitamin B12, Lipo-B, and Lipo-C are produced in our laboratory goes through multiple phases of testing to ensure that only the best injections reach our consumers. Our products are produced under the tight sterility guidelines, using only the highest quality laboratory equipment. This diligence ensures that our products are free from bacterial growth, microbes, fungal spores, molds, endotoxins and pathogens, guaranteeing that only the highest quality products reach our customers.

Every batch of injectable liquid is also run through strict pH testing prior to bottling. pH testing is used to make sure that the batch has the proper levels of alkalinity to remain stable after bottling, and is an essential step that has helped Medical Weight Loss Centers of America produce the best injectables on the market today.

Our Physician-Approved Process

No need to track down a doctor to prescribe our products; we employ a complete staff of trained medical professionals to evaluate your situation and help you choose the correct injectable for your health and lifestyle goals. Medical Weight Loss Centers of America’ products are perfect for busy people trying to lose weight and reach their health goals; our evaluation process requires no blood work and no in-office consultations, saving you both time and money.

We conduct a thorough question and answer session and an in-depth health evaluation to determine which of our products best suits your individual needs.

Once the physician has determined which of our products will best help you reach your goals, our staff will place your order directly from the pharmacy. We do not use any third parties to fulfill your order, which keeps prices down and quality up. Each order of Vitamin B12, Lipo-B, and Lipo-C injections are carefully packaged to prevent damage during transit, and are shipped through knowledgeable, tested shippers to make sure your products arrive safely. If you ever receive an order that is damaged or broken, a simple phone call to our customer service department is all it takes to correct the issue.

Each order arrives with customized instructions, tailored to your individual needs and product specifications. Complete instructions for safe handling and directions for administering your injections are always included, and if you have any questions or concerns, our staff is only a phone call away.

You’re Important to Us

At Medical Weight Loss Centers of America, you are more than just a number on an order form; you are a valued customer with individual needs and fitness goals. Our attention to detail, phenomenal products, and personalized service keeps our customers coming back and again. Don’t wait to take control of your life, place your order today.