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Oral Semaglutide Bundles

Experience the power of Semaglutide, a proven weight-loss medication, in a convenient oral formulation. Our sublingual Semaglutide is administered under the tongue, eliminating the need for injections. Each initial vial provides a generous 60-day supply, offering hassle-free weight management. Complemented by FitTrack smart scales for effortless progress tracking, our comprehensive bundles also include B12, Lipo-B, and Lipo-C injections to boost metabolism and energy levels. Enjoy a practical and user-friendly approach to achieving your weight-loss goals with our expertly curated oral Semaglutide bundles.

What Is Included:

  • Virtual Consultation (Remote Doctor Visit)
  • Medication 
  • 2 Day Shipping

Bundles are for patients new to Semaglutide (Bundled programs for NEW patients only). We also have programs for patients currently taking oral Semaglutide.

Same active ingredient as Ozempic, Wegovy and Rybelsus


  • Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist that mimics the effects of GLP-1, a hormone involved in regulating appetite and blood sugar levels.
  • It works by slowing gastric emptying, increasing feelings of fullness, and reducing appetite, leading to decreased calorie intake and weight loss.
  • Semaglutide also helps improve glycemic control by stimulating insulin secretion and reducing glucagon secretion in the presence of high blood sugar levels.
  • In clinical trials, Semaglutide has demonstrated significant and sustained weight loss, with some patients losing up to 15% of their body weight over 68 weeks.


  • Proven weight-loss effectiveness of Semaglutide without injections
  • Convenient oral administration by simply placing under the tongue
  • Discreet and hassle-free alternative to injectable weight-loss medications
  • Long-lasting 60-day supply in each initial vial for fewer refills


  • Online questionnaire: Complete a brief medical questionnaire to determine if MWLCOA can support your goals.
  • Virtual consultation: Our licensed physicians will review your medical history remotely to determine your eligibility.
  • Receive medication: If prescribed, our fulfillment will delivery your prescription convenient and discreetly.
  • Stay on track: Monitor your progress with FitTrack smart scale*


Administer 1ml under the tongue daily, 30 minutes before your first meal. Hold the solution for 2 minutes before swallowing.

Remember to shake the bottle well before each use to ensure proper dispersion of the medication.

MWLCOA collaborates with state-licensed compounding pharmacies to formulate compounded oral Semaglutide. 

Our partner compounding pharmacies adhere to regulations set by the FDA and state pharmacy boards, ensuring compliance with federal and state laws. 

The compounding pharmacies are LegitScript certified.

The GLP-1 Diet Protocol expertly navigates the complexities of food choices based on how they impact the gut, liver, pancreas, and metabolic function. This protocol empowers patients to optimize their bodies for effective fat loss and overall health improvement while using GLP-1 medications.

Our oral Semaglutide bundles include:

  • Oral Semaglutide
  • FitTrack smart scales
  • Vitamin B12 injections
  • Lipo-B injections
  • Lipo-C injections

Each component is selected to complement Semaglutide and enhance your overall health and weight management journey.

FitTrack smart scales provide a comprehensive analysis of your body metrics, including weight, body fat, muscle mass, and hydration levels. With 17 different measurements, these scales help you monitor your progress, set goals, and stay motivated on your health journey.

Vitamin B12 injections are essential for boosting energy levels, improving mood, and supporting brain function and red blood cell production. Regular B12 injections can help you feel more energetic and maintain overall health.

Results from using oral semaglutide for weight loss may vary, but typically lead to average reductions of approximately 5% to 10% of your initial body weight within a 12-week period.

For instance, this could mean shedding 10-20 pounds for someone weighing 200 pounds, influenced by factors such as dietary choices, lifestyle adjustments, and individual health considerations.

Achieving success with oral semaglutide often entails a holistic approach involving medication, dietary improvements, and increased physical activity levels.

No, your order includes the prescription as part of the package.

1. Contradictions: Refrain from using semaglutide if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) or Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia syndrome type 2 (MEN 2), or if you are allergic to semaglutide or any of its components.

2. Pancreatitis Risk: Semaglutide may increase the risk of pancreatitis. If you experience severe abdominal pain, with or without vomiting, promptly consult your healthcare provider.

3. Hypoglycemia Caution: Be vigilant for low blood sugar, particularly when combining semaglutide with other diabetes medications. Regularly monitor blood sugar levels and discuss any concerns with your healthcare provider.

4. Kidney Function Monitoring: Regularly monitor kidney function, as semaglutide may impact kidney health, especially in individuals with pre-existing kidney conditions.

5. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Advisory: Consult your healthcare provider if pregnant, planning pregnancy, or breastfeeding, as the safety of semaglutide during these periods remains uncertain.

Common side effects of semaglutide are typically mild and may include:

1. Nausea
2. Vomiting
3. Diarrhea
4. Constipation
5. Abdominal pain
6. Decreased appetite
7. Indigestion

Most side effects are temporary and self-resolve. However, if they persist or worsen, seek guidance from a healthcare professional.

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Lipo-B injections combine vitamins and amino acids that promote fat metabolism and increase energy levels. These injections help enhance your metabolism, support fat loss, and keep you energized throughout your weight loss journey.

Lipo-C injections contain a potent mix of vitamins, amino acids, and lipotropic agents that support liver health and fat metabolism. These injections improve liver function, aid in weight loss, and boost your energy levels, providing comprehensive support for your health goals.

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