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Semaglutide to FDA-approved medication for weight-loss. Includes diagnostic testing to help derive your treatment plan.


One Month Supply of GLP-1
Medical Evaluation



    Semaglutide is an FDA-approved Medication for Weight Loss

    Semaglutide, also marketed under the brand names Ozempic, Rybelsus and Wegovy, is an FDA-approved injectable for weight loss that mimics the actions of GLP-1, a hormone that targets specific areas of the brain known to suppress hunger. The ideal candidates for semaglutide are people with a BMI of 30 or greater or a BMI of 27 or greater and a medical condition made worse by obesity. Semaglutide is used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise.

    Semaglutide (generic Wegovy) has shown even more powerful effects than other medications in its class, potentially because of its increased dose. People who take semaglutide have altered food preferences, resulting in lower calorie consumption. In clinical trials, users lost an average of 35 pounds. Semaglutide is expected to work best for people who have trouble controlling their appetite and like to snack.

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