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    What is Phentermine?

    Phentermine is an appetite suppressant drug approved by the FDA. It has proven to be an effective weight loss drug when paired with proper diet and exercise.

    By stimulating the body to produce adrenaline and norepinephrine, Phentermine can make you more alert and give you the energy that your body needs throughout the day.

    Benefits of Phentermine

    Phentermine has the added weight loss benefit of promoting the body to metabolize body fat. Not only will Phentermine help your body with its metabolism rate, but it will also help reduce cravings for food and snacks by giving you the sensation of fullness. Increasing your metabolism and reducing your cravings is a winning recipe for weight loss.

    There have been many clinical studies conducted which back up the weight-loss advantages provided by Phentermine. In a 108 week study using Phentermine, the Department of Nutrition Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham confirmed that Phentermine alongside lifestyle changes like diet and exercise is an effective treatment for obesity. These trials found that the users of Phentermine had a much higher rate of sustained weight loss.

    The article “The Average Monthly Weight Loss Using Phentermine” by Beth Spicer shows the results from three different tests. Each test was done with different diets and exercise requirements. The results all showed weight loss by their patients with the numbers ranging from three to six LBS a month.

    A common question associated with weight-loss drugs is their addiction. In the Medscape article “New Evidence: Obesity Drug Phentermine Is Not Addictive” by Randy Pugh, the fears about withdrawal symptoms and addiction are dispelled. Mr. Pugh quotes a trial research doctor, Dr. Hendricks, as saying “The evidence strongly suggests Phentermine is far safer than is commonly assumed”. Studies show that the only withdrawal symptom of note after discontinuing use of the appetite suppressant Phentermine is an increased appetite.

    Side Effects of Phentermine

    Phentermine is a drug and therefore has the possibility of having adverse effects. The first step when taking any drug is to take the prescribed dosage, at the prescribed times, and in the correct way. Phentermine should be taken in the morning and 30 minutes before a meal. The reason it is taken 30 minutes before a meal is because food intake will slow the rate of absorption of the medication. Taking Phentermine before the meal will ensure that the maximum absorption and benefits are gained.

    Taking Phentermine too late in the day may cause side effects of restlessness and insomnia. Taking Phentermine before breakfast lowers the risk for these side effects.


    Appetite Suppressant – Phentermine is an appetite suppressing drug approved by the FDA.


    Phentermine is to be taken 30 minutes before a meal.


    Phentermine is recommended for use in individuals with a BMI greater than 30 or a BMI greater than 27 with one of the following comorbidities – hypertension, DMII, and/or hyperlipidemia . An 8 to 12 week plan alongside diet and exercise is recommended to promote weight-loss.

    Patient Education

    ◦Take Phentermine 30 minutes before eating breakfast. Taking Phentermine at night may cause insomnia.

    ◦Notify prescriber if tolerance to Phentermine develops after a few weeks. DO NOT increase dosage.

    ◦Immediately report the following:

    ◦Shortness of breath

    ◦Chest pain

    ◦Dizziness or fainting

    ◦Swelling or arms or legs

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