Take Control Of Your Health From Home

It’s time to see how your daily choices, from how much you move to how well you eat, and handle
stress all connect to a full picture of your health

The Science Behind Dara

A low electrical signal is sent through your feet from the scale’s four metal plates. This is a safe process called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA): an inexpensive way to get a full picture of your body composition at home and track its changes over time. Plus, it’s accurate to within 3% of a DEXA scan.

You Are More Than Your Weight

Dara gives you a full picture of your health so you can make smarter choices and have a real impact on your health & weight goals

Dara measures 17 body vitals so you understand what goes into that number and start making efforts that impact body fat, muscle mass, and more.

7 out of 10 Smart Scale users with a weight loss goal manage to lose a significant amount of fat mass in less than 3 months