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Signup now for freeMedical Weight Loss Centers of America is not your ordinary age management practice.  Medical Weight Loss Centers of America takes a much deeper look into who you are as person.  We do not make use of one-size-fits-all programs that rely on supposed miracle drugs or appetite suppressants.  Instead, we focus on the basics like exercise and diet, and pair them with modern medicines to help you reach your goals much faster.

Medical Weight Loss Centers of America is a results-driven clinic.

At Medical Weight Loss Centers of America we pride ourselves on no wait times for our patients – in order for us achieve this, we do not allow walk-ins of any kind.  We also require that your initial intake paperwork be completed and submitted back to us before you will be allowed to schedule an appointment.  We prefer that you bring in your 2-day food journal to your initial appointment for the dietitian and provider to review and make recommendations.  This may seem like a lot to get a simple appointment, but this is far from a simple appointment.

The reason we require so much information prior to booking, besides no wait times, is we want to know as much about you on the initial visit as possible.

Medical Weight Loss Centers of America is a comprehensive program that covers everything from weight loss or hormone replacement therapy to nutrition and fitness.  We have a partnership with a fresh-prepared food company to offer our patients real food instead of fake food options.

Take advantage of a FREE 7-day trial to FitPhram, an exclusive fitness program designed specifically for Medical Weight Loss Centers of America patients.

If you have tried other programs in the past and have been unsuccessful, come to Medical Weight Loss Centers of America and let us show you long lasting results and knowledge that you will have with you for the rest of your life. Read More on FitPharm!

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