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Based on your initial consultation you have been approved to begin treatment with us. We are excited to help you get started on the path of achieving your goal for a happy healthy life. We have 4 programs designed to help you along the way. From boosting energy to controlling caloric intake, there is a program to fit your specific needs.

The programs approved for you are listed below. To make a purchase, simply select the program that fits you best and enter the coupon code issued to you by the doctor upon check out. Your order will be shipped directly to the address you provide so you can begin experiencing the benefits to your health through the program you have selected.

Recommended Programs

Energy program

Less than $1 a day

Fat Burn Program

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What Is Contrave?

Contrave Weight Loss

FDA Approved

As an FDA-approved weight loss pill, CONTRAVE is prescribed to help overweight or obese adults get rid of extra weight and keep the weight off. Those who are struggling with weight problems can finally get results with CONTRAVE.

Is It Effective?

The safety and effectiveness of CONTRAVE was evaluated in three clinical trials each spanning a period of 56 weeks. Overweight and obese patients lost around 2 to 4 times more weight on average with CONTRAVE versus diet and exercise alone. And, 46% of patients taking CONTRAVE lost 5% or more body weight (versus 23% of patients taking a placebo).

How does it work?

CONTRAVE (naltrexone/bupropion) is believed to work on the hunger center and the reward system of the brain. It contains 2 different drugs that work through a dual action mechanism to reduce hunger and manage cravings. The synergist action of the active ingredients in CONTRAVE can help you shed excess weight and keep it off.

What are Vitamin B12 Injections?


All of our Vitamin B12. injections are sourced by an accredited pharmacy. Our telemedicine program makes it easy for you to get your prescription without coming in to the clinic, all from the comfort of your own home.

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1000mcg Vitamin B12

Potential Benefits

Boost immune system I Improved cell function l Promoting new red blood cell production l Supports healthy liver function l Improve focus and concentration

What are Lipo-C Injections?

pharmaceutical grade

All of our Lipo-C injections are sourced by an accredited pharmacy. Our telemedicine program makes it easy for you to get your prescription without coming in to the clinic, all from the comfort of your own home.


Methionine 25mg l Inositol 25mg l Choline 50mg | Cyanocobalamin 1,000mcg (Vitamin B12) l L-Carnitine 100mg


Improved Mood l Increased Fat Loss with Dieting l Liver Fat Metabolized More Easily l Metabolism Boost l Preserve Lean Muscle when Dieting l Promotion of Healthy Cholesterol Levels l Support for Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Have you heard about Telemedicine?

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Real Doctors

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"This was incredible fast! I got in to my fist consultation and when I was done they did a meeting with me over video on my computer. Very happy with the process, thanks again."
Linda A.
Denver, CO
"Fast and easy. Thanks a lot for helping me get my order complete. Fast visit in the clinic. Was very clean. The lady I talked with on the phone was very kind and answered all my questions."
dillon r.
Westminster, CO
"I was a little skeptical with all the scams out there, but I am happy to say this was a legit service and the person I talked with on the phone got my appointment scheduled at the local clinic. I got my phentermine very quick. Thank you!!!"
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"I filled out the form and a representative called me the next day to set up my appointment. I got my phentermine after my first visit. Very happy with my order."
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