You will receive the vial size of the injection that you selected along with packaging.
Contact us either through e-mail or phone. If calling us please select the extension for the pharmacy.
If it is no more than 1 day it’s fine but if it is any longer, do not use and discard the vial.
No, the vials pictured are for promotional use only.
No, you must use our provider and they will determine if you qualify for a prescription.
1cc has 1,000mcg of vitamin B12.
No, we do not sell or distribute any HCG products.
No, you will have to be qualified by one of our physicians in order to purchase from our site.
Create an account and fill out our medical history and medical consent forms for the physician to review. The physician will contact you to discuss your purchase. Once qualified by the physician, your order will be shipped directly to you from the pharmacy. Please contact us for any additional information on receiving a prescription.
Yes, every batch is tested for solubility, PH stability, and many other sterility tests which include the following: bacterium, microbes, molds, fungi, pyrogens, and endotoxins.
To insure that the PH stability in the solution will remain the same until the assigned beyond use date has been passed.
A CSP’s beyond use date identifies the time by which the preparation once mixed- must be used before it is at risk for chemical degradation, contamination, and permeability of the packaging. In other words, the beyond use date serves to alert pharmacists and caregivers to the time after which a CSP cannot be administered. During the beyond use date testing each ingredient potency is evaluated for over a three month period. Each ingredient has to pass the sterility test for bacterium, microbes, molds, fungi, pyrogens, and endotoxins.
An expiration date is identified by the product manufacturer. It is placed on the vial and in the package insert, and is dependent on the temperature and the appropriate storage of the unopened container. A beyond use date is assigned by the pharmacy fro a preparation that they compound.
Once you receive your package in the mail. The beyond use date will be labeled on your bottle.
Per FDA regulations, prescription medications may not be returned once it is sent from the pharmacy. If you have any questions about the product you have received, please contact customer service. If you believe you have received an incorrect medication; please do not take the medication and contact Customer Service immediately.
No, we do not ship internationally or to Canada. We are only able to ship our products within the United States.
All orders are submitted the following day of your online consultation with our medical staff via secure video chat. You will receive a tracking number from the pharmacy once your order ships. The pharmacy usually ships same day if the prescription is received before 2:00pm EST.
We recommend that you ship your product to a work address or one where a trustworthy person can receive your order. We do send tracking information for each purchase, so you will know when to expect your purchase. You do not have to be at home when your purchase arrives.
No, it has to be a residence or your workplace.
Contact us immediately. Do not use if damaged or cap is off.
No, our trained medical staff will evaluate you once you contact us to make your first purchase.
Our injections are packaged following a compounded sterile preparation guideline, commonly referred to as a CSP. The beyond use date on the bottle outlines the time by which the injection must be used in order to guarantee maximum potency. If the beyond use date passes, the solution is subject to chemical degradation and possible contamination, rendering it unsafe for injection. An expiration date, on the other hand, is a specific date identified by the product manager. This date indicates how long the product will last when it is stored unopened at the proper temperature.
No, at this time we only accept credit card payments.
We are a privately owned medical practice that specializes in medical weight loss and hormone replacement therapy. We are open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm.  We do not work holidays or weekends.
You are charged a $50 missed appointment fee. You can’t proceed with your consultation until the $50 is paid in full. If you would like a refund instead of proceeding your telemedicine consultation, your payment will be refunded minus the $50 consultation fee.