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Physicians, fill empty rooms and open schedule slots with a lucrative new revenue stream. Join the Medical Weight Loss Centers of America (MWLCOA) Ambassador Program. We handle all patient acquisition – you simply provide our easy, streamlined medical weight loss treatments in your existing practice. Access our prescribing guidelines through a self-guided onboarding process. Earn extra capital by becoming an Ambassador and unlocking a steady flow of new patients for medical weight loss today.


Ignite the Health Transformation Movement

The weight loss industry is a trillion-dollar global phenomenon, and you have the power to be at the forefront of this life-changing movement. By partnering with Medical Weight Loss Centers of America (MWLCOA), you’ll unlock the potential to revolutionize the lives of countless individuals seeking a path to better health and vitality.

Imagine the impact you can make by guiding your community towards sustainable weight loss solutions that foster long-term well-being. As an MWLCOA Ambassador, you’ll be a catalyst for positive change, empowering your network to embrace a healthier lifestyle through our cutting-edge medical weight loss programs.

Join this exhilarating journey and be part of something truly remarkable. Earn lucrative payouts while helping others achieve their weight loss dreams and reclaim their confidence. Together, we can ignite a health transformation that reverberates across generations, creating a ripple effect of improved lives and renewed hope.

Simple & Streamlined Treatments

Our program is designed for seamless integration into your existing practice, with straightforward medical weight loss treatment protocols.

Discreet In-Office Consultations

Provide confidential, personalized care for patients seeking weight loss solutions within the privacy of your practice.

Same-Day Prescription Access

Efficiently prescribe proven medications like phentermine, ensuring patients can start their journey immediately.

Affordable Alternative to GLP-1s

For patients unable to afford popular GLP-1 medications, offer an accessible and cost-effective medical weight loss solution.

Join the Fight Against Obesity

Play a vital role in improving community health by providing safe, medically supervised weight loss treatments.

Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Maximize your earning potential by incorporating our lucrative medical weight loss program into your practice offerings.

Earn money while making a positive impact on your community

Unlock a Lucrative Revenue Stream

At MWLCOA, we’re excited to present you with an incredible opportunity to enhance your practice and provide your patients with affordable access to Phentermine, a highly effective weight loss treatment for those who can’t afford the popular GLP-1 medications. By partnering with us, you can offer your patients a safe and cost-efficient alternative to achieve their weight loss goals.

Imagine the impact you’ll have by helping your patients reach their desired weight while significantly improving their health and well-being. As a valued partner, you’ll benefit from our seamless integration process, exceptional support, and the ability to generate additional revenue for your practice.

Join us in the fight against obesity and empower your patients with the tools they need to reclaim their health. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of countless individuals. Take this exciting step with MWLCOA and elevate your practice to new heights!

Help America get in shape and save lives

Be Part of the Solution


Tackle the Obesity Crisis

Obesity is a severe public health crisis, contributing to numerous harmful diseases and diminishing the quality of life for millions of Americans. By joining forces with MWLCOA, you have the power to be part of the solution, helping your community overcome this challenge.


Proven Weight Loss Treatments

Together, we can make a lasting impact by providing access to the most effective and proven weight loss treatments available. When you partner with us, you’ll be empowering your customers to take control of their well-being and boost their confidence.


Healthier, Happier Future

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Join the MWLCOA team today and be a driving force in America’s journey towards a healthier, happier future. Contact us now to learn more about this incredible partnership and how you can get involved.

Our happy patients

We’ve helped thousands of patients lose weight

Our proven weight loss programs have helped thousands transform their lives. With expert guidance, cutting-edge treatments, and personalized support, we empower individuals to overcome obesity and achieve their desired results. Countless success stories attest to our comprehensive approach’s effectiveness in promoting lasting weight loss and improved well-being.


Denver, CO


“Signing up was a breeze! I lost 20lbs on the Semaglutide program.”


Nashville, TN


“I started on Tirzepatide and was amazed to lose 6lbs in my first week alone, without any cravings! This medication has truly transformed my approach to weight loss.”


Houston, TX


“Virtual Consultation made it easy: I completed a form online, and they sent an RX to my local pharmacy the same day. My insurance covered the rest.”

You ask, we answer

At Medical Weight Loss Centers of America, we believe in transparency and open communication. Here, we address some frequently asked questions about our ambassador program to help you make an informed decision.

Yes, it’s completely free to get started.

If this is a good opportunity for both parties, MWLCOA will provide a DEA license, DEA-approved dispensing cabinet, software, online training, and an IPL laser (for special locations). Print materials are available upon request.

You’ll receive compensation on a per encounter basis for each treatment or bundle sold through your referral. Payments are made once a month via direct deposit (ACH), along with an itemized list of treatments sold. Detailed compensation is outlined in your contract.


No upfront costs are required.

We handle all the marketing for your practice, ensuring you can focus on patient care without worrying about outreach. Additionally, we manage your schedule, booking appointments based on your availability each week. Printed and digital marketing materials are available upon request to support your practice further.

No minimum is required. You responded to our ad based on your ability to reach our target audience. However, to participate, you must have the ability to dispense controlled medications from your practice. A small closet or room used exclusively by medical staff is required for this opportunity. Additionally, we need a minimum of 20 (15-minute) appointments available per week. If a dedicated room is available, medical staff must be present to handle encounters with medical weight loss patients.

Compensation is based on the type of patient encounters, such as initial consultations, blood draws, and annual sports physicals. The specific flat fees for each encounter type are outlined in our contract and can be discussed in detail once you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

You’ll receive an itemized report at the end of each month, detailing the patient encounters along with patient names and the corresponding flat fees earned.

We’ll provide an umbrella malpractice policy, but maintaining your own personal malpractice insurance is recommended.

Yes, we’ll provide a brief training through our Learning Management Software (LMS). Additionally, patients will have completed their online medical history questionnaire and preapproved their payment. Your main role is to maintain the standard of care during the in-person patient encounter and dispense medications according to DEA dispensing guidelines.

Yes, you get compensated based on encounter types, and prescription refills, follow-up encounters, etc., are part of the compensation model.

The onboarding process is efficient. Once we have the NDA, BAA, and employment contracts signed, we can proceed to order the DEA licensure and start the Learning Management System (LMS). While awaiting the DEA licensure, we can set up the dispensing room and online directories. Once the DEA licensure is secured, we can order office stock medications and commence promoting these treatments online.

We’ll begin by prescribing Phentermine, vitamin B12, and lipotropic injections. Men’s and women’s hormone replacement therapy treatments will be added at a later date. Additionally, laser hair removal treatments are available if the practice has a dedicated room solely for hair removal treatments.

We are LegitScript certified and have been in the medical weight loss and hormone replacement therapy industry for 15 years, operating brick-and-mortar locations.

Our weight loss treatments include cutting-edge medications like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide, along with a variety of beneficial injections such as Vitamin B12, Lipo-B, Lipo-C, Glutathione, and NAD+. We also provide comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle counseling to support your weight loss journey.

Absolutely! We encourage our ambassadors to promote our services on their social media platforms, using the provided digital assets and marketing materials.

Yes, we offer a comprehensive Learning Management Software (LMS) for prescribing and dispensing Phentermine, B12, and lipotropic injections. As we expand our treatments, you will have the opportunity to work with our medical staff for hormone replacement therapy and laser hair removal treatments.

Patients sign up through our website. Our website and Electronic Health Record (EHR) system are seamlessly integrated to create a streamlined onboarding experience for the patient. Our process is as easy as ordering a t-shirt online.

We operate as a cash pay practice and provide patients with superbills for potential reimbursement.

No, there are no exclusivity requirements. You’re free to promote other products or services alongside our weight loss programs.

Commission payments are made on the 15th of each month or the following Monday if the 15th falls on a weekend, for the previous month’s referrals.

We follow strict privacy and confidentiality protocols, complying with HIPAA regulations to protect patient information and ensure secure data handling.

Our weight loss programs are generally suitable for adults aged 18 and above. However, specific age requirements may vary based on the treatment plan.

Yes, if you are looking for Spanish, we have you covered. Email us to see which languages are available and to get a customized affiliate link for your language.

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